Our Amazing Catechists


Coordinator – Caroline Fisher

Email address:- catechists@ffcp.org.au

What is the Catechist / SRE Ministry

Catechists present regular lessons or seminars to classes in public schools. They are screened, and trained to follow the Catholic program which the Bishop has authorised. 

Our amazing program, Walking with Jesus consists of easy to follow lesson plans, engaging activity books and exciting audio visual resources. This is a vibrant and joyful ministry because catechists have the privilege of sharing the 'joy of the gospel' with the children of our parish.  

How do I join this Ministry and become a Catechist (SRE Teacher)?

We are always looking for people to join our group as assistants or catechists or prayer partners.

(See your coordinator for more information).

If you would like to know more about this ministry please contact the Parish 9451 5097

Our Parish is responsible for 8 Primary Schools and 3 High schools in our Parish Community.

There are classes every day except Monday.

Support SRE / Catechist Ministry

Pray for the Catechists and the students during the time of their SRE classes.

Donate to Pastoral Works Fund to support the work of the Diocesan CCD

Donate to Parish Works - Activity books cost $5.00 – You could sponsor a class for $100