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Second Sunday of Advent

from Fr Satheesh


Happy Birthday Fr. Satheesh

My Dear Parishioners,

The first week of Advent is ending and this weekend we light our second purple or violet coloured candle which symbolises Faith. It is sometimes called the “Bethlehem Candle" as a reminder of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. This week allows us to reflect on a life lived in the spirit of trust. We are urged this weekend to prepare for the coming of the kingdom. We hear in the Gospel the account of Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, and his enthusiastic preaching.

Last weekend we held our Committee & Volunteers dinner/BBQ which was well attended and an enjoyable evening. I would like to thank Fr. Shiju, the social committee, our Parish staff and all those who helped to organised such a beautiful evening.

Next Saturday evening, 10th December, we have a wonderful Christmas Carol Evening which will be held after the vigil Mass at OLGC. BBQ and Light refreshments will be served after the Vigil Mass and the concert will begin at 7pm. Please come and join us, this is a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit.

This Advent I invite you attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation, just let the priests know that you wish to have Reconciliation and we are happy to help. We have the Second Form of Reconciliation on 15 December, 7.30 pm at St. Martin’s Church, Davidson. Please make use of this opportunity.

Thank you for all your generosity in the past, could I please ask that this weekend you support the Vinnies Christmas Appeal, this is a very important and worthwhile charity. Thank you.

I thank you to all those who sent birthday greetings to me, I appreciate your love, friendship, and support. Once again, I wish you all a fruitful Advent.

God Bless you all,

Fr. Satheesh Antony OSH


In today’s Gospel we hear what a fierce character John the Baptist was. He lets the Pharisees and Sadducees have it with both barrels. These groups were the publicly devout churchgoers of their day. They were often hypocrites, professing one thing and doing another. We know they regularly demanded observances of ordinary Jews that they did not live out themselves. No wonder John disliked them so much.

Their religious observance was a charade, focused on their needs, their souls, their salvation. They were going to get to heaven, and everyone else be damned! They even come out to the wilderness to get baptised. This was like going to salvation mega-store. They buy a little of everything, just to be sure. John attacks them violently and in doing so condemns their privatised religion and lack of social responsibility.

In Christianity there is an important distinction between personal and private faith. Personal faith knows that God is close and intimate, which is what we celebrate at Christmas. For Christians, however, there is no such thing as private faith. We should always be careful of hymns that only ever speak about ‘me and Jesus against the world’. Inheriting the promises made to Israel and seeing them as intended for all God’s children, we believe we are saved AS A PEOPLE. For us, it is ‘we and Jesus for the world.’

If we have no interest in justice, development and peace for our world. If we don’t care to know our fellow parishioners. If all we want is to be left alone, to come to Mass, say our prayers and save our souls, then we need to hear the story of Christmas all over again.

May this Advent, then, see John the Baptist do what he does best: ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.’

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