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Feast of the Assumption Masses

Vigil Mass

  • Friday 14th Aug 7PM OLGC

Saturday 15th August

  • 8.00am St Martin’s

  • 9.15am OLGC

Mass Online

We will not be doing Mass online however here is the link for the Diocesan Masses at Hornsby Cathedral Church -

Daily Mass is live streamed at 7.00am. Sunday Mass is live streamed at 9.30am at link below

Greetings from Fr Jose

(19th Sunday of Ordinary Time)

This weekend we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. Mary has a destiny with her role as the Mother of God, it also see her Assumption as a sign and promise for the pilgrim people of God. This Feast is a Holy Day of Obligation. In that past we have celebrated this feast with a Curry Night but of course this year we are unable to do so. But let us not forget what an important Feast Day this is and celebrate it in our own homes, thanking Mary for being our Mother and for guiding us in coming closer to her son, Jesus.

As you would be aware we have many more cases of COVID in NSW and we need to remain vigilant and safe. Please follow all the guidelines given by the NSW Government which also means following the guidelines that we have set out accordingly in order to make us a COVID SAFE Parish. Please also continue to pray for those affected by the Pandemic, those who have lost loved ones or who are currently suffering with the virus.

We were sent this following information from the Diocese this week;

“Please encourage your parishioners to wear mask, and all Clergy should be wearing masks whilst celebrating Mass.

I need to stress with the utmost urgency: If you are feeling unwell, and especially if you have any flu-like symptoms you must cease work, stay home, isolate and get tested. This advice is paramount for our clergy who are in contact with such a wide range of people in the course of their ministry. Please be hyper-vigilant for COVID-19 symptoms. These include; fever (37.5 ° or higher), cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell or loss of taste.

Let us be sure to look after one another with great care during these challenging times.”


for 19th Sunday Ordinary Time

The overarching theme derived from today’s readings is the question of insider-outsider. We see here that the divisions and barriers that emerge out of human experience have been shattered by the graciousness of God. Jesus’ openness to ‘the other’ finds a precedent in the prophetic tradition. Isaiah spoke of a time when outsiders would join insiders in worshipping God, thus dissolving the categories of insider and outsider. He was, of course, referring to the age of eschatological fulfilment. This age dawned with the coming of Jesus. Jesus himself moved out of the constraints of his own cultural worldview, and he directs us to do the same. People are either excluded because of gender, culture or religious perspective, or included only because they are able and willing to conform to discriminatory standards. In the reign of God, this should not be the case. People are accepted along with their own cultural profiles.

God’s embrace first enclosed even those who rejected Jesus, and then God’s plan of salvation unfolded in a new way. An invitation to enter the kingdom was issued to the Gentiles, those who had been considered outsiders. If outsiders are now insiders, what has happened to the former insiders? Paul insists that they are still insiders. God has not simply shifted the identifying boundaries; God has dissolved them. In the interim between the dawning of the eschatological age and the end of time, the invitation to be included remains open to all.

Amazing Catechists

Bishop Anthony Randazzo is encouraging anyone who can help to come forward as a relief Catechist. The CCD have a campaign called - BE THERE FOR ME – please go to the following link if you would like to know more about this campaign

If you are interested in in knowing more about our Parish Catechist Ministry please contact our Catechist Coordinator, Fran van Schie on or phone 9451 509.

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