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From the weekend of 1st /2nd June the new official Parish Mass Weekend Times will be

St Anthony in the Field

· 9:00am Sunday Mass

St Martin de Porres Davidson

· 5:00pm Saturday Vigil Mass

· 8:30am Sunday Mass

OLGC Forestville

· 5:30pm Saturday Vigil Mass

· 10am Sunday Mass

· 6pm Sunday Mass

from Fr Satheesh

My Dear Parishioners,

My Dear Parishioners,

This week we celebrate the solemnity of Pentecost Sunday. Just as the Apostles were touched by the Holy Spirit so too are we as we come to the end of the Easter season. Pentecost Sunday is the last day of the Easter Season.

At Pentecost,’ says Pope Francis, ‘the Spirit made the apostles go forth from themselves and turned them into heralds of God’s wondrous deeds. Highlighting that we are called ‘to pray and work,’ the Pope is concerned to encourage Christians to joy-filled action. Pentecost is not only about what we receive, but what we do in response. Action, therefore, is crucial for Christian living. While acknowledging the worthiness of initiatives like regular Eucharistic adoration, the Pope stresses that the Christian calling should never become ‘a privatised lifestyle.’ Our prayer should direct us to sharing the love of Christ with others, especially those in need.

This week we begin the Journey with our children who are making their First Eucharist at the end of June. We began with a parent information session on Thursday 16 May. We ask our parish to pray for the children and their families. This is for children who have already had the sacrament of confirmation and reconciliation.

As you may recall, our Parish will be holding a second Pastoral Works appeal for the 2023/24 Financial Year starting  this weekend of 18, 19 May 2024. Envelopes are on the pews for you to take home and bring it back in the following weekends. Our target for the year is $41,361of which we collected $19,311 in our November 23 appeal, and so for this first appeal, the target is $22,000. I appreciate your support as you always do. I am so grateful to you for your generous heart.

I will be away from the Parish from 17 May to 14 June. Going to India for my annual leave and attending the Diocesan Clergy Conference. I will keep you in my prayers while I am away. I am grateful to Fr. Joseph and Fr. Biju for looking after the needs of the Parish while I am away.

As mentioned last week I am informed by the bishop that I will be installed as the Parish Priest of Frenchs Forest on Sunday 16 June at OLGC at the 10 am Mass. The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Anthony Randazzo; I invite you all to join the occasion and it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet the bishop and he will be pleased to see you all.

As we move forward with the new Weekend Mass schedule, I am so grateful to all the Acolytes and Readers for volunteering to accommodate  the changes. I am grateful to our wonderful office staff for organizing the new Rosters and I appreciate those who helped to prepare them. 

From June, the second and fourth Sunday at the OLGC 6pm Mass, will be celebrated as the “Youth Mass”. 

Thank you all for accepting the changes. I understand it will take some time to get the benefit of whatever changes we make in our lives.

I would like to welcome all visitors to our churches and please come and say hello to us when you are at mass

God Bless you
Fr Satheesh Antony OSH


In the Acts of the Apostles today we are told that the crowd who heard the earliest disciples of Jesus understood them in his or her own language. Now that’s clarity! It wasn’t so much the gift of tongues the earliest disciples received as much as their hearers received the gift of ears, of listening.

Pentecost faith holds that while we build our faith on that of all the believers who have gone before us, we have the responsibility to listen to our contemporary culture and put it into conversation with the Gospel. That’s why courage is one of the Holy Spirit’s pre-eminent gifts. We are not allowed to retreat from the world but are sent out to enter into conversation with it, and hear in this dialogue the symphony God is composing here and now between the treble of our daily life over the continuing bass line of Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

Extract from reflection by Richard Leonard SJ. Click here to read full reflection.

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