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If you’re a visitor or new to our parish, we extend a very warm welcome to you.

If you have any questions, please chat with Fr Shiju, or myself, or browse our website.

We want you to feel at home with us. - Fr Satheesh

Important Announcement.

Masses are as per Mass Times Schedule and subject to Covid Restriction

In resuming Masses, it will be important for us to follow all the COVID safety requirements around

  1. Density of gatherings (2sqm).
    With this change to the seating restriction we can now have up to 240 people at OLGC, 190 at St Martin's and 120 at St Anthony's.

  2. QR registration is mandatory (make sure you have applied for your QR Check-in Card or NSW App on mobile phone)

  3. Wearing of masks is mandatory

  4. No congregational singing,

  5. We can have a small choir of up to 10 people but they need to be fully vaccinated.

As always, we all need to be mindful of everyone’s safety and do the best we can in these circumstances.

We will continue to update website with further information

from Fr Satheesh

My Dear Parishioner,

I have been fortunate to have a few days break this week relaxing and catching up with my other priest friends. I feel refreshed and ready for the busy month ahead.

As we begin Advent, a time for us to think of others and to deepen our love for one another, we listen to the Gospels of Luke and this weekend Luke tells us to be ready for the second coming of the Lord, his basic message is one of comfort and reassurance. God’s only wish in our regard is to communicate to us the life and love for which we long. Each Advent should expand both our longing and our capacity to receive the gift of God. I wish you a prayerful and joy filled Advent.

As you would know Fr Jose, and I are celebrating our Jubilee this December. We are thrilled to be able to share this with you. Fr. Jose is having a special celebration at Kincumber Parish on 12 December and am pretty sure some of you are joining with him on that day. I am planning to celebrate a thanksgiving Mass at OLGC on 19 December at 10 am. Please put this date in your diaries. We look forward to a wonderful celebration.

Thank you to all of you who generously contributed to the special appeal of our Congregation, The Oblates of the Sacred Heart last weekend and this weekend. We appreciate your support for our Order. We will leave the envelopes in our Churches for another week.

Last Saturday many of our children were confirmed and this Saturday also we have the confirmation of our children. My hearty congratulations to all the children who are confirmed and those who are going to be confirmed. I thank Fran Van Schie our Pastoral coordinator, parents, teaches, musicians and all those who have helped to make our Confirmation day a memorable one.

God Bless you all,

Fr Satheesh Antony.


We congratulate Fr Satheesh, Fr Shiju and Fr Biju as they celebrate the foundation of their order, the Oblates of the Sacred Heart (OSH) this weekend 21 November 2021.

We have a special appeal over the next two weeks in support of the work of the Order.

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1st Sunday of Advent

The readings of the First Sunday of Advent sets the stage for our reflections on the entire season. They contain a number of promises, all pointing to peace and fulfilment. Each reading depicts a dimension of suffering that was often brought on by the people themselves. The promises are assurances that the end of their suffering was in sight. The promises reveal a loving and provident, a merciful and forgiving God. These are promises full of hope.

The coming of the Lord is clearly a time of expectation, not of fear and trembling. Although the earlier tradition about the Day of the Lord included punishment of the wicked, the focus here is on redemption. The time of expectation may be preceded by apocalyptic signs in the heavens and dismay on earth, but this cosmic shift will bring fulfilment, not destruction. The love and providence, the mercy and forgiveness of God will be made manifest.

What is expected of those who receive the promise? An Advent way of life exhorts us to ‘wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ’. This way of life is both simple and profound. It does not necessarily require unusual behaviour on our part, but it calls us to live the usual, unusually well. It affects the everyday events of life; it directs the way we interact with people; it informs the attitudes that colour our judgments and motivations. It is as ordinary as the birth of a child; it is as extraordinary as the revelation of God.

Sacramental Program

Confirmation preparation 2021 -

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The Canticle of Creation

From the 13th century song 'The Canticle of Creation!'

Faiths4Climate Justice

Kierans Creek Landcare Group

a Parish and Local Response to Laudato Si

" A great cultural, spiritual & educational challenge stands before us." Laudato Si' #202

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St Martin's

Bushland Garden Restoration

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