The Catholic Parish of Frenchs Forest.

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 If you’re a visitor or new to our parish, we extend a very warm welcome to you. 

If you have any questions, please chat with Fr Biju, Fr Joseph or myself, or browse our website.

We want you to feel at home with us. - Fr Satheesh

from Fr Satheesh

My Dear Parishioners,

Thank you all so much for the wonderful celebration last Sunday for my installation. It was a wonderful Mass and a beautiful morning tea. Bishop Anthony was happy and pleased with the celebration and I am grateful for all who made the occasion a special one for me. Thank you for all your efforts. I am happy to be your parish priest and look forward to continuing to support and grow our parish community.

I had a wonderful time on my trip back home to India and was lucky enough to spend time with my Family and celebrated, two weddings and two engagement and also visited Fr. Shiju Simon and had dinner together in his Parish while I was there. He is enjoying his new assignment as the Parish Priest. I am so grateful to Fr. Joseph and Fr. Biju and to our Parish staff for looking after all the parish matters very beautifully.

I warmly invite and encourage those who can make it to attend our Northern Beaches discernment discussion which will be held on Wednesday 26 June in the OLGC parish center at 7:00pm. Details are in the bulletin.

I sincerely wish to thank everyone for their generous contributions to the Diocesan Pastoral works appeal. We are grateful for everyone who has made a contribution. As you know our target this year was $ 41,361. We have received $ 37,634. However, we still need about $3727 to meet our target. If you are able to assist by adding to the contributions it would be greatly appreciated.

We wish Ivana our parish secretary and her family a wonderful holiday as they visit family back in Croatia. Ivana will be away until August and we thank Margaret Wood for helping run the Parish office

Over these last two weekends in June we pray for and welcome the children who will make the Sacrament of first Eucharist. This is a special time in their lives and they are now fully part of our community. We congratulate them and celebrate this milestone with them.

I would like to welcome all visitors to our churches and please come and say hello to us when you are at mass.

May God Bless you
Fr Satheesh Antony OSH

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